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Abita Purple Haze

Abita Purple Haze is my “right now” favorite beer.  Granted, I am a bit bias as Abita is a local company, but this beer is fantastic and is a constant staple in my beer fridge.  Yes, I have a beer fridge.  What else do you do with old dorm fridges?

Purple Haze is a Raspberry Wheat Lager, but unlike other fruity beers, the raspberry does not overpower or is so thick on the sugar that it leaves you feeling sick to your stomach.  At a nice 4.2%(and an easy 128 calories a bottle), you can have a few without getting too tanked too quickly.  Sadly, for now, it only comes on tap or in bottles, so you can’t take it to outside events.  However, the Abita Brewing Company will be putting out their product in cans just in time for the next Mardi Gras season.

Purple Haze is a cloudy, pale, yellow gold beer, and although it does have an infusion of raspberry puree, there are no floaties (particles) and no sediment.  Purple Haze is lightly carbonated, so no waiting for the foam to settle.  It has a nice, clean scent, unlike many other fruity beers that smell like you are drinking fruit juice.  It runs for about $8 a six-pack and is distributed nationwide.

Another pro for Purple Haze is the Abita brewery was built on top of the Abita Springs aquifer, so the water that they use to brew their beers is pure and does not go through purification and mineral adjustments.

Overall, Purple Haze is a great chick beer.  Most men will steer clear of the pretty, purple bottle, so more for you.  It’s light, refreshing, and widely available.  And if you are ever in the New Orleans area, you can visit the brewery and take thier brew tour.  For more info on Abita, you can go here:


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